The Life of ONEeighty Production

Production life never ceases to amaze me. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been working with the technology, everything we do at ONEeighty always puts me in awe. I get compliments from time to time saying “you have such a great talent” or “you did a great job”, but what those people may fail to see is I am only a very small part of the production.

That’s where I want to start this blog, thanking everyone who puts forward effort to bring a service together. That doesn’t just include the production team. This is everyone from the greeters and hospitality team; the children and youth ministries; the VIP and prayer team; the cleaning crew and trustees; our wonderful staff, and yes, the production and worship team! I hope I haven’t left anyone out. It takes a great deal to bring a service to life, and we couldn’t do it without all of our staff and volunteers!


How does it all come together?

On multiple occasions, I’ve been asked how we make it all happen. This is not a question easily answered, as there are many moving parts that must all work in unison to make the end product: a God filled service. I’m going to do my best to give insight to the production ministry through this blog, but keep in mind that there is no other way to truly understand unless you see it first hand. That being said, we are always welcoming to new volunteers in production.

So as I set out to start this blog, I started asking myself, “How am I going to give them insight, and what else can I do with this blog?” So to begin with, I want you to know that this blog isn’t going to be all about the production life. I am going to post what ever God lays on my heart. I plan to post devotions from time to time, and whatever else God may tell me.

I know no other way to give you insight to the production of a service, than to just lay out my schedule. Please note, that this will be from my viewpoint and mine alone as I can’t speak for others who may be on staff or volunteer. There is a lot of planning for a service that does not involve me, and for those areas, I can’t speak for.


Weekly schedule for the ONEeighty Production Team


Mondays are a fairly busy (and important) day. The day starts with staff meeting. Here, we go over the service of the day before and report from each ministry. We also discuss upcoming events and plan for future services.
Following staff meeting, we have our worship planning meeting. Here, we discuss the sermon for the upcoming week, discuss/plan any songs that may go well with the message, and discuss any media that may be needed. Aside from the upcoming week’s service, we will also discuss future services so that media and worship can ┬ábegin getting ready.
Following the worship planning meeting, the rest of the day is set for doing some odds and ends that needs done: i.e. editing Sunday’s message, website maintenance, equipment maintenance, technology experiments, etc.


Since Sunday is a working day for us, I’ve set Tuesday aside as a day of rest.
Tuesday evenings, however, host rehearsal for the worship team. This is where we will prepare the music for the upcoming week, introduce new music to the team, as well as introduce new team members. This is a time we can take with just the worship team, and work out anything musically that needs to be done. No media/lighting is used at this time.


Wednesdays are never the same. This day is determined by whatever needs to be done. Some weeks we may have to plan out a special event, may have to get lighting and media setup for a youth service, or may just spend the day doing maintenance on equipment.


Thursday is when the service really starts coming together for the production team. Here, we take the lineup for this week’s Friday and Sunday, and program the lighting for the set. This can take anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours, depending on how intricate the song/design is and whether or not we have done the song in the past (yes, we can recall a lighting design we used in the past to save on time.) If time allows, we will start adding all media (song lyrics, videos, sermon notes, etc.) into our presentation software (ProPresenter).


On Friday, if time didn’t allow on Thursday, all media will be programmed.
After programming media, everything starts getting ready for the Celebrate Recovery service. Lights and projectors are started up to check that they operate without malfunctions. Media is double checked to make sure cues fire as needed. Before Celebrate Recovery, we have rehearsal to completely go through the set, complete with lighting and media, to make sure we are ready to go. Following rehearsal, is time to go live. Everything we have prepared for throughout the week is now coming into play for Celebrate Recovery.


Day of rest.


Sunday is similar to Friday, except everything is programmed and ready to go. Before rehearsal, equipment is started up and check for malfunctions, media is ran through to check that cues are correct and running as needed, and rehearsal has a full run through with lighting and media. Following rehearsal, everything comes together for 2 wonderful services where we get the pleasure of being the Holy Spirit’s vessels to lead the congregation in God filled worship.



I never get tired of seeing what God does through ONEeighty. It amazes me how I get the opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than I am.
Like I said above, I am only a small part of the production for our services, but I wouldn’t give up what I do for anything else. I get to work with amazing people, a talented team, and above all, I get to help our church do the single most important task ever: finding one more lost soul for Jesus Christ!

2 thoughts on “The Life of ONEeighty Production

  1. Tyler – what an inspired idea! Love the blog and your insight. Most of all, love how you give God all the glory (because all of us in ministry know that we are just His instrument)! Great job! Love serving the Lord with you!

  2. Great Idea! You an the whole team are awesome!! So talented when it comes to creative. Job well done!

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