Where Is The Love?

Showing The Love

To kick off our new series, “Divided States of America”, we wanted everyone remembering the message when they left. To do this, we turned to “Where Is The Love” by The Black Eyed Peas.
On the surface, this may seem like a simple thing to throw together, but in the end… not so much.

What did it take?

To start with, the band/vocalists had to learn the song. They were given only two weeks to learn their parts!
While the band was learning their parts, other things had to be arranged. We decided we wanted to use the actual music video for the song in the background because it portrayed the message very well.

While watching the video, we saw the question mark popping up everywhere, and how awesome would that look on a shirt, right? Easier said than done. Remember, we are only two weeks out, and typical turn around time on shirts is about 9 business days. Cutting it close, right? So, we get the shirts ordered and hope for the best.

Fast forward a week, and we are now at band rehearsal practicing the song for the first time. This is when we realize, some things are different. You see, there are parts of the music that we can’t replicate as a band (mostly electronic sounds that were created while The Black Eyed Peas were in the studio creating the song) so we had to download a loop for the song (a track that the band plays along with, that plays the parts we can’t). When playing with the loop, we realize that it is a different version than the music video that we learned the music from. Turns out, the music in the video was edited just for the music video and the loop version was by the song on their album. Not a big deal, right? Well, not so much for the band. For the technical side, that’s a different story.

Now that we discovered the difference in the music video and what we would be playing, some editing would have to be done to the video if we want it played in the background. The difference between the album version and the music video, is about 30 seconds and different start/end points. That means if we used the original video, what the band would be singing and what the video showed would be way off. So, we had to get creative with editing the video to fit our version. I put the two videos below so you can compare the differences. The original is first, ours is second. Please note, ours does not have audio. Since the band would be playing over the video, adding audio was unnecessary.




Fast forward another few days, and praise God, our shirts come in! It’s always good to know somebody on the inside (Thanks, Paul!)

Come Sunday, we now have our pre-service rehearsal, and it’s time to put “Where Is The Love” in full swing! We rehearse it with the video and lights, and everything comes together flawlessly!
Now, it’s time to do the services, and ask our congregation, “Where is the love?”


ONEeighty Church: Where Is The Love


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  1. Everything was awesome and flawless from where I was sitting!! You all did an amazing job and I will never forget it!! The words God gave Gresh to deliver to us were perfect, of course!! God showed up Sunday as He always does and I can’t wait for this Sunday!!!

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