Announcements in the Making

This post is going to be fairly short and easy, but, again I have fallen short of updating the blog every week, so I figured I needed to add something.

This past Sunday, we did our announcements through video. Usually, we do live announcements, so we aren’t accustomed to doing video announcements very often; we have, however, done them before. Every time to we video something, it’s a learning experience. We are constantly learning new techniques and working to keep up with current technologies to bring the best quality content to the congregation that we can.

So, what does it take to film announcements?

First, is actually filming the announcements. You would think this would be the easiest part of the project, but, it can actually be the hardest part. We have to know all the content we need to film, and we need all the elements being filmed to work perfectly. On this project, we struggled with the projectors used for the background. It took over 30 minutes just to get the projectors to work right. Going back to knowing the content that needs to be filmed: this can be easier said than done. First, the person being filmed has to memorize everything, and on top of that, they are put on the spot to get it all done in one take rather than piecing several takes together, so the end product will look the best it can. Think that sounds easy? Well, think again! Just look at these bloopers:

Now, we go into post production. This is really the easy part. We do some color correcting, add a nice intro, and put some music behind it, and we’ve got a video announcement!




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