Announcements in the Making

This post is going to be fairly short and easy, but, again I have fallen short of updating the blog every week, so I figured I needed to add something. This past Sunday, we did our announcements through video. Usually, we do live announcements, so we aren’t accustomed to doing video announcements very often; we […]

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Where Is The Love?

Showing The Love To kick off our new series, “Divided States of America”, we wanted everyone remembering the message when they left. To do this, we turned to “Where Is The Love” by The Black Eyed Peas. On the surface, this may seem like a simple thing to throw together, but in the end… not […]

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The Life of ONEeighty Production

Production life never ceases to amaze me. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been working with the technology, everything we do at ONEeighty always puts me in awe. I get compliments from time to time saying “you have such a great talent” or “you did a great job”, but what those people may fail to […]

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